Proudly serving for over 35 years

A-1 Plumbing Company is a licensed and insured plumbing company that is located in Loudon, Tennessee and has been in business in Loudon County since 1977.  We primarily service the greater Knoxville area including Loudon, Lenoir City, Tellico Village, Rarity Bay, Farragut and more.

A-1 Plumbing offers a wide range of plumbing service including:

  • toilet and water heater repair/replacement
  • plumbing system repair
  • whole house water distribution replacement
  • water line replacement
  • new construction


Whole House

A-1 Plumbing’s employees are skilled in efficient whole-house-repiping projects.  On a typical repipe job, A-1 Plumbing can accomplish the job with minimal damage to your home’s drywall. This makes the overall cost of the project less because extensive drywall repair and repainting are not required.

For more information about A-1 Plumbing company’s success in home repiping contact us today.

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water heaters

Did you know that your hot water heater is the second highest energy using appliance in your home?   Tank water heaters consume a lot of that energy keeping the water hot when you’re not using it, wasting hundreds of dollars each year.  Fortunately, there is a better product available – tankless hot water heaters.
Tankless water heaters heat the water only when you need it, take up less space and are more energy efficient than standard tank water heaters.

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New Construction is a significant part of our business at A-1 Plumbing.  We have a strong background in custom home plumbing that sets us apart from our competitors.  Our extensive knowledge in the many aspects of custom showering, steam showers, digital shower systems, pot fillers, re-circulating hot water systems and anything in between.